RF Components: High Speed Switches & Drivers

High Speed Switches & Drivers

Our Switch Products provide broadband high speed switching for critical program and test applications. These devices offer a unique combination of high speed, power handling, low loss, and low distortion in a small rugged package design. The proven performance of these devices has been qualified in applications for airborne electronic warfare systems to instrumentation radar. The products found in our catalog are just a sampling of our capability, as many more proven designs have been built to defense contractor source control drawings.

  • High Speed Switches & Drivers
  • 1 to 18 GHz high speed PIN Diode Switches with built-in drivers
  • SPST, SP2T, SP3T, SP4T, SP6T, SP8T
Choose from our proven solid state switch designs in-stock or ready-to-build models, or connect with our engineers to have a switch designed to your specifications.

Discrete Driver Chips
Monolithic Multi-Throw Driver Chip

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Isolation: At least dB
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VSWR: No more than :1
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Product Listing
Model Low Freq High Freq Insertion Loss (dB) Isolation (dB) HTML PDF
M2T0208 SP2T 2 GHz 8 GHz 1.5 dB 60 dB HTMLPDF
M2T0218 SP2T 2 GHz 18 GHz 2.4 dB 55 dB HTMLPDF
M2T0412 SP2T 4 GHz 12 GHz 1.8 dB 60 dB HTMLPDF
M2T0618 SP2T 6 GHz 18 GHz 2.2 dB 55 dB HTMLPDF
M3T0208 SP3T 2 GHz 8 GHz 1.5 dB 60 dB HTMLPDF
M3T0218 SP3T 2 GHz 18 GHz 2.7 dB 55 dB HTMLPDF
M3T0412 SP3T 4 GHz 12 GHz 1.9 dB 60 dB HTMLPDF
M3T0618 SP3T 6 GHz 18 GHz 2.4 dB 55 dB HTMLPDF
M4T0208 SP4T 2 GHz 8 GHz 1.6 dB 60 dB HTMLPDF
M4T0218 SP4T 2 GHz 18 GHz 3.1 dB 55 dB HTMLPDF
M4T0412 SP4T 4 GHz 12 GHz 2.2 dB 60 dB HTMLPDF
M4T0618 SP4T 6 GHz 18 GHz 2.8 dB 55 dB HTMLPDF
M6T0218 SP6T 2 GHz 18 GHz 3.5 dB 60 dB HTMLPDF
M8T0218 SP8T 2 GHz 18 GHz 3.9 dB 60 dB HTMLPDF
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